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Placed in early thirties, "DIKSHA" (Initiation) is the story of the Guru and his widowed daughter, the head disciple and the novice; the lowly-born 'KOGA' who dreams of learning the intricacy of scriptures.

In a weaker moment during the long absence of her father, the young widow falls to the temptation of the flesh. The lover is not ready to accept the responsibility. The widow is forced to abort.

In the ensuing commotion the father is called back. He is forced to give his decision. He pronounces her dead, and performs her 'Ghata-Shraddha'. This is a ritual where an immoral is ex-communicated, pronounced dead and her last rites performed when the 'accused' is still alive thus depriving her of all wordly relations.

While the Brahmin Society praises the Guru, the individuals revolt. The head disciple leaves the town, the child-novice goes back to his parents and the lowly born 'KOGA' refuses the 'heaven' and the 'Salvation'.

'DIKSHA' is much more. The rituals, the life style of deeply rooted Brahmin society and the world of make-belief it lives in.

Director's Statement

Pandit Arun Kaul
Pandit Arun Kaul

'DIKSHA' is my search for the past, discovering my own roots; the tragedy of being a 'twice-born.'

It is also a peep into a section of the Brahmin Society in early thirties.

The rigidity of the Guru; the ultimate revolt of the head disciple; the metamorphosis of the lowly born Koga are the integral elements of the story. All this disillusions the child. Never will he seek 'initiation' again ...

The tragedy of the widow is the plight of the entire Brahmin Society, to which I belong and I have no strength to disown it.


  • Producers:
  • National Film Development Corporation & Doordarshan
  • Based on a Story by:
  • Dr. U. R. Anantha Murthy
  • Script:
  • Umesh Kalbag, Arun Kaul
    J. P. Dixit
  • Photography:
  • A. K. Bir
  • Music:
  • Mohinderjit Singh
  • Executive Producer:
  • Ravi Malik
  • Director:
  • Arun Kaul
  • Cast:
  • Nana Patekar
    Manohar Singh
    Rajashri Sawant & Ashish Mishra


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